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tv   Keiser Report  RT  April 26, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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new phenomenon as we have many refuges and one whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country and it's done that's prompted thousands of people to come out here to the streets of the german capital to say you know the semitism in this city. which is of it all its forms. let's turn our attention to the u.s. we're pennsylvanian golf club a public one there has apologized to five black women for calling the police on them the story is they were kicked off the grounds after the cold war of the club and his father complained that the women were playing too slowly well it is the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the u.s. . on sunday a black woman was arrested on a waffle house in alabama for refusing to pay for plus the contents the video of
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her arrest shows officers wrestling her to the floor threatening to break her arm exposing her naked body another case happened two weeks ago of a starbucks coffee in philadelphia stuff there call the police and two black men because they had not placed an order and wanted to use the toilets that sparked a wave of anti-racism protests. i. just wanted. in response the c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close for a month and three on the racism training following a nationwide campaign against the coffee chain earlier we spoke with a columnist and author dave perkins human rights activist randy short about the ongoing controversy racism against the two sions is real and the prejudice is real that we need to care about america as an entire society. and look after
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everyone if we don't do this we're going to have worse problems i have enormous difficulty accepting the idea that this young lady trying to run her starbucks in philadelphia spends time thinking about class and segregation and trying to target black beetle that she's trying to run the restaurants and she's trying to do. order and keep the business working and not let people take advantage over you guys loitering and not purchasing products from the store while using their facilities how do you stop that from happening again but i don't think that's a little girl running the starbucks as best she can and reluctantly calling the police to sign saying saying loitering again is thinking about using loitering laws against black people yes there are people that have a literate and businesses yes there are folks out of order some of them a black but i've worked with a lot of white drunks in my day and they don't get handle quite the same way this
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is a fact i'm not going to last orderly a little and play another slowly than men and five women together play very slowly and the entire culture is waiting for the fact that i don't like has nothing to do with it it's the fact that they are lol as along as people pretend that injustice and mistreatment of people is ok as long as it does not impact yeah that is the problem with the majority it they lack an understanding that it can be us today and it could be them tomorrow now this is where i ask myself the question at what point do you treat black people like ordinary people and subject them to ordinary rules of society at what point do you stop taking every incident as racism and start evaluating them as human beings and how they're acting that's my question. controversy is brewing over the release of an american prison inmate who was sentenced to twenty five years to life for the murder of two policeman herman bell
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is set to walk free on friday however new york's police union is making last ditch attempts to keep him locked up with the story artie's killin it. herman del natori is for being a cop killer and a member of the black liberation army will soon become a free man after spending nearly fifty years behind bars for shooting two policeman dead back in one nine hundred seventy one now the new york parole board's decision even had the support of a son of one of the slain officers it seems that individuals with no knowledge of ms to bellow the circumstances that led me to support his release many is a go have taken it upon themselves to drum up hate and then gins the parole board of new york might have shown sympathy and a willingness to forgive but not the policemen's union the patrolmen's benevolent association they're guilty then and the guilty now and no copula should ever walk the face of the year now siding with the police's n.y.c. mayor bill de blasio who called for the decision to be reversed and for bell to
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stay behind bars the parole board received over three hundred sixty seven thousand letters urging them not to free herman del despite his record as a model prisoner well not quite there and not actually that many individual messages the associations website gave compliance the option of automatically sending a letter for each of the sixty two cop killers listed on the site that meant that fewer than six thousand objections to bell's release generated over three hundred sixty seven thousand messages completely distorting the level of the outcry in fact according to one poll eighty six percent of new yorkers support the parole board's decision we decided to talk with some former cops about the associations ethics i can't comprehend a man who openly admitted to killing three cops. i can't comprehend how that person would be allowed to walk the streets i could picture every cop out there being
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absolutely outraged the point of acting on their motion especially in today's climate where there should be used to do your government is trying their back on the police officers. i can absolutely picture not one cop out there not wanting six hundred thousand plus letters being sent to the parole board to eb requesting this man's parole be denied manipulation you know i mean. it's very tragic and he actually three people to put it is you know we have murders rape is awesome this people who get paroled every single day and. if you kill a cop they want to do this right and jail is supposedly phone people now cops like to talk about the perilous situations they put themselves in and the public that they serve in order to do that but this incident will leave some in new york questioning their integrity. r.t. new york. sixteen minutes past the midday here in moscow more news right after this
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. is a black hole and it is. walks of life and money from all points of the globe and as it expands it just the wharfs the size of anything else trying to keep with it that includes various money regimes but also very high level bankers and economists so christine legarde is just the latest to get. to the big calling block all.
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you're back with r t international mystery international is demanding that the ukraine government investigate an attack on a roma gypsy camp in the capital kiev. last week a nationalist group destroyed the camp children were reportedly injured in the incidents people fled while their tents and other belongings were burnt the attackers also used tear gas and reportedly guns. currently no one can be sure that they want become the next week to swarm up radicals the shoot themselves with and caring for
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the public but actually they're terrorizing ordinary people. police in kiev say there were no reports of violence and that the fires were simply part of a cleanup operation a political commentator we spoke to thinks that nationalists in ukraine have the government's support i suppose that the on the local level some policemen of the world trying to prevent open violence but whether the government and the parliament officially praise and glory five knots is how can expect anything else and i sat actually it's not they first came to jews is the very first said by and that they came to obviously when they came to me it was too late i mean people in the west should not be silent about it meanwhile authorities in another city in ukraine have opened a painting contest to mark the creation of a nazi deflation in the country during the second world war in the contents
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teenagers are asked to draw something linked to ukrainian soup volunteered for the nazi unit and there's a cash prize for the best one victoria yes can again seize the rights of nationalism is not confined to ukraine. there are many places in europe kind of. radical. views are becoming more and more popular and this is a result of the whole crisis which was caused by immigration european union cannot provide an answer and this at the sphere of the spirit today cause us some right wing radical groups to succeed in certain places. the french president has wrapped up a three day trip to washington by addressing the u.s. congress where he got a warm welcome from lawmakers. the president of the french republic. thanks. emmanuel mccrone spoke
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enthusiastically of the special bond between the two countries in elementary speech full of historical references. france has participated in the story of this great nation from the very beginning i'm methods for a moment transport ourselves to the past the french philosopher of old. and benjamin franklin george washington son of america and france. son of the united states berm the income cmon the martin luther king president through the results from thomas jefferson to hemingway as novel to focus novels this is this very special relationship this is this. i one surprise from the visit was the french president stance on the iran nuclear
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deal mccraw along with his u.s. counterpart suggested that a new agreement might be needed later stated that the us president was likely to exit the year round pact all together he also stressed the need to work on the new and broader nuclear agreement regardless of troops decision tehran based political analyst told us that the spike front sell america seemingly aligning on pushing for a new iran deal the rest of europe doesn't want to go along. the trio nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran is not we are you sure but europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just reject the demand by. european nations with regard to impose the in further sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so
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this shows the europe is not much willing to work with donald trump. american broadcaster n.b.c. has joined the adult son discovered that artie's online project in case you missed it was in fact links to r.t. in an exposé article the journalist say they looked up the registration data of the show's website on cross checked it against the registration for r.t. they could however have simply looked on the show's section on our website in response to the scoop the show has taken viewers behind the scenes that blow the lid off its connection to r.t. take a look. so here we are first look offices although there is a slight smell in the vodka and caviar. we're in so it is
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probably a spy i keep an eye on it. but first glance it looks like any other office but take a look below the surface and something starts to seem off we spoke to i see why in my eyes members of staff so tell me what's it like working for someone connected to r.t. . well i always loved the topless game show tutti frutti when i was at school. you could get our school right but that was that was on the sky channel r.t.l. this is this is arty this is this is funded by russia we're talking about well what do you mean r.t. is funded by russia for the russians well. yeah i mean if your parents is mainly just one is stuff over to poly and things like that to be honest i've never really had so much freedom at work no one tells you how to answer for over and i'm just really happy but do you work alone i mean i do
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not you know really something i like to talk about. i have total freedom to study looked at who was what was it talks to move to for example sort of work it's fantastic for fuel. or limited supply. on a good can prove or a cause for. and i've just heard that the host of the show polly boyko has just arrived at work so let's see if we can get a word with her boy. was booker high you are aware that i see is funded by the russian state through us he wants. all. yeah the highway yeah yeah i got the email yeah. i've got to take this web site. so that we have it i see links to arctic you'd have to
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be pretty special to think it was a secret. so that's how it works this is r.t. international stay with us now for more great programs right ahead. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is on off the spear in dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. los angeles the sony of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now
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decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle to the earth or to use accept such solution tiny house on a city park. case is not a solution path to have someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. america has or this is the kaiser report i meant to rob it's the winter time slow spring
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that could all stanley cup action baby that's why i'm here. plus some other stuff. so i see thanks. for the block chain economic event it's being put on by sonny ray we've interviewed him for it he's the c.e.o. of coin dot com this is actually back to sort of style bricklaying conferences we have some amazing people at this have and people like adam back people like chris earnest people like who is going to be on the keiser report while we're here but you know what while we've been here as well. opening her mouth and adopting our way christine led the decline boosted as i.m.f. boss christine lagarde praises cryptocurrency and suggests it could transform the way people see and invest i would posit that it has already see you know transform the way people save and invest it's already done that she's saying it could do that
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the coin is a black hole and it is sucking in folks from all walks of life and money from all points on the globe and as it expands it just the wharfs the size of anything else trying to compete with it that includes various money regimes it also includes very high level bankers and economists so christine legarde is just the latest to get them to the bitcoin black hole and she'll be utterly transformed she'll be talking about the white paper soon everything she thought she knew about economics is over rule everything she thought she knew about the way the world works is now no longer viable she is now an apostle of satoshi welcome christine legarde be able to do. buga new. photos do you. visit law i also want to point out somebody else we've mocked many times over the years who also has come around because we did give him a lot of attention when he had
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a large short position in silver in the world we did give him a lot of attention when he basically received a back door bell out through the financial crisis we didn't give him a lot of attention when he called bitcoin a fraud but i do want to remind people from january ninth two thousand and eighteen just a few weeks after jamie dimon had called big point a fraud here's a headline that we didn't cover because we were covering the genesis block during that week and that is jamie dimon says he regrets calling big corina fraud and believes in the technology behind it in september diamond calls bitcoin a fraud i regret making that comment he said tuesday on fox business the block chain is real he added in the interview you can have crypto dollars in yemen and stuff like that i see oh yes you've got to look at everyone individually the big question was always to me what the governments are going to feel about bitcoin when it gets really big and i just have a different opinion and other people say rumor he is a guy who's a statist where he has to be right because you can't be a free market guy and be the head of the largest bank in the world and the largest
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derivatives book importantly in the world because if that derivatives book blows up as it threatened to do back in two thousand and eight you need big daddy government big mama janet yellen big mama christine lagarde you need these people to bail you out next year jamie diamond will be at burning man you'll see stark naked with honey slab all over his body rolling around on a mound of fire ants with pierced rock i'll be there taping it for the show he'll be our reporter on the ground will be on the plane and make it jamie diamond talking about the toshiba aka moto at burning man in twenty eighteen and that's to come. of effect of coin has on the mind is the jamie diamond is not as dumb man is not a stupid bag he doesn't have a functioning brain cells what happens is the block chain starts to reorient those brain cells like gravity effect on a star or
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a planet or this table or this earth it just changes the way the architect of your mind works especially if you're in the financial industry to begin to understand that you now are an apostle of social not comodo so i want to talk about like he had mentioned. that governments would respond if the individuals had too much sovereignty that they're going to smash you they're going to throw you into a gulag they are going to destroy you they will not let you become more powerful than my bank you collectively more powerful than my bank so there is another story related to that that shows that well in fact. bitcoin is censorship resistant you can try all you want to restrict us to put it down but the whole community is global it's decentralized it's peer to peer and it's the smartest people in the world now china of course everybody knows is a giant behemoth state they have a lot of control over their citizenry they have
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a lot of capital controls they have a lot of the great firewall of china and we know that they've cracked down on big coin chinese entrepreneurs have some creative responses to the government's crackdown on crypto crypto is far from dead in china is starting to eke back into existence they did a lot of exchanges did leave the country but in this place are erupting in china unique to china decentralized exchanges we have them here emerging in the united states and canada as well as regulators crackdown in exchanges china september crackdown also included a ban on i c e o o's the crowdfunding schemes based on crypto tokens in china as elsewhere these had acquired a shady reputation companies looking to raise funds quickly were selling digital tokens or coins that were supposed to buy access to some product or service in the future but they often had no way to fulfill these promises a chinese term emerged or air tokens but we predicted that twenty be the air that
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the nation state is challenged by. and that's exactly what's happening in china it is censorship resistant it is resilient people want to trade people will find a way out of the vietnamese beat america in that war because they were resilient you could bomb all day long but they found a way they found a way to keep going and they eventually beat an empire out of the us beat the british empire we found a way in the end to be helped in a cause that we asked a french. law and we beat the empire now we've got a new empire. they're called the nation state and the central banking system that runs on fear money nonsense and big coin will defeat them and the important thing about the eruption of initial quaint offerings that happened last year and this kind of petered out now that there are crackdowns on it and apparently innovators and entrepreneurs are finding ways around the regulations but it did show that the likes of jamie dimon had failed there was
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a demand for the likes of jamie dimon what he considers you know the good guys of the regulators and government that they had cracked down too much there was demand by people to invest in things they wanted to participate in the financial environment the small young guys with an idea wanted to raise capital and there was it was hard for them to access a capital as they point out here that i see oban suppressed this digital crowdfunding of i.c.a.o. but it didn't address the root of the problem illegal fundraising of all kinds has thrived in china because the formal banking sector still favors large corporations and state owned enterprises smaller firms and entrepreneurs rely on a shadow banking sector to meet their needs for financing it's very similar in the u.s. obviously it's a more advanced financial system than in china in terms of the state owned banks but not too dissimilar i mean the small and medium sized enterprises don't have access to capital like the ones like amazon they could borrow money and do borrow
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money to share but buybacks and things like write well there is a political edge to it because in china as entrepreneurs find ways to do enron around the regulatory system and to swap an exchange and do all kinds of crypto related businesses the message will go on notice by anyone looking to pursue free speech in china so no matter how they try to clamp down on free speech there will they'll find a way to get the free speech out there just like they're finding a way right now to get crypto out there so crypto is leading the way both and finance and in political activism gearing up to an. environment where no state can control speech it's censorship resistant in many many ways including that it's being used the power of blotching technology and bitcoin that birth it is that even states are able to see that you know when one state like the u.s.
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controls the global financial system and you cannot access the rails of that financial system without jamie dimon or u.s. regulators saying you can access these rails then you're cut off from the grid and you know your nation can starve but if there is a decentralized peer to peer anonymous network that is neutral and it functions simply as the rails of a free market system that are treats all participants in the market is equal then. you know it's it's not you can't censor it there's no way to stop transactions from people to get it coming together agreeing to a price for a product and exchanging ideas or products right so look at the forces that created the birth of the universe the black hole the forces that create the birth of life itself the day to procreate the forces that guide us
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as living beings on the multiverse i'm not going to be stopped by any state. releases power that is beyond even atomic power this is cosmic power it can't be stopped atomic swaps are coming atomic swaps are coming you know you can't you can't stop this with any force. all nation states got together and tried to stop because they would fail and that's very liberating i pointed out that decentralized exchanges are emerging all over the world they're up to and from you know the plasm of this new ecosystem and environment and there's evolution of ideas and the more people governments or regulators try to stop it the more fragile it becomes the more robust every time it keeps on coming back stronger and stronger but the article actually suggests that china the chinese government doesn't actually so much mind all this stuff happening they were worried about the
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destabilization in the financial system which they control because so many chinese investors were pouring into ice ceo's and there were a lot of scams around so the article points out that these activities of allowing air drops and decentralized exchanges may appear to go directly against the chinese government's orders but in a sense they may be what chinese officials wanted to see in their september edict the authorities talked about avoiding market chaos strengthening the education of investors and collectively safeguarding the normal financial order by china doesn't have. fundamental aversion to digital currencies in fact the central bank is developing its own currency additional currency will bring about a new financial ecosystem said shanklin ben dean of the academy of internet finance as university the purpose of the crackdown he said was to curb excessive speculation and give the authorities time to upgrade their regulatory capabilities they were digging a hole and they decided to stop digging and declare a victory a case was on their decision that decision was not the pole appear of trying to
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figure out they're just reacting to this bitcoin black hole is sucking up the entire nation of china and then when that rules china is being sucked into the big black hole if you want to be stocked up in this because like all states for the second half and you too will be sucked up into the clock all right after these words. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten thousand dollars fine champion each day. eighty five percent of the world will you want to be old bridge eight point six percent market for thirty percent is one of your home with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and get going rose to twenty thousand dollars.


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